POPin is a crowd-sourcing platform that helps team leaders engage their employees with buy-in


Problem: Popin was struggling with their PAID Search Campaigns and needed a specialist to turn it into profitable channel for user acquisition. They are Startup that had already gone through two PPC agencies but were not able to improve their KPI’s until I took over the account.
Process: Took over an existing Adwords campaign that was not performing. Restructured the entire account, built new campaigns, ad groups and ads to target a new set of keywords. Built a custom reporting dashboard to build data-driven strategies and real-time-bidding.
Results:  Increased click through rate (CTR) on the adds by +15% and their conversions by +85%. Turning PPC  into one of their most profitable marketing channels.


  • PPC audit
  • PPC management
  • Ad Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Google-adwords
  • Google-Re-targeting
  • Audience Segmentation