The action sports apparel brand ran a comprehensive campaign with Audience Segmentation, FB Click Funnels and Google Product Ads using strategic targeting, resulting in a 76% increase in sales and a 9X return on ad spend.

Problem: Altamont wanted to increase online sales using a “full-funnel” approach that strategically aligned targeting, customized creative and ad types to reach new and existing customers with the right message and products at the right time.

Process: The team targeted its awareness-focused ads to a broad audience: people in the US aged 18 or older with interests in different team athletes and action sports, as well as its interest-based audiences and their lookalike counterpart. They then used product remarketing ads with discounts towards segmented audiences that took specific actions engaging them via multiple channels.

Results:  Increased Online Visitors by 34%, Online Sales by 76% with a 9x return on ad spend. Turning paid ads  into one of their most profitable marketing channels.




  • PPC strategy
  • PPC management
  • Ad Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Google-adwords
  • Google-Re-targeting
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Audience Segmentation